Luke Gilliver, Professional Organist


Associate of the
Victoria College
of Music

Hello there, I'm Luke, and I'm a man of many talents and hobbies however a true passion of mine is music and playing it.
I'm not one for being in the limelight and because of this, I'm happy and satisfied to be part of church services without specific recognition, I'm just happy to be providing a service so that others can sing along!

My Current Location

I'm currently resident at
St Thomas CofE, Kilnhurst

I'm a fully qualified teacher of the electronic keyboard and music theory with the Victoria College of Music, London.

So i began playing the Keyboard at the small age of 6 and haven't stoppped since, moving onto the Piano along the way and finally moving onto the Electronic Organ and finally Church Pipe Organ.

Luke Gilliver, @ Wurtlitzer, Blackpool I've had over 8 years experience of playing the church organ specifically, prodominantly on a single manual vessel, but have had 2 years experience working with triple manual, and from my photo, you can see me located at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom experiencing their world famous Wurlitzer!


Call me for availability information

I'm available for services in/around the areas of York and Rotherham (hometown), including Weddings, Funerals, Sunday Services, Songs of Praise services and pretty much anything! A
s a CofE Christian myself I am well aware of the practices of many churches, and am of course PCC friendly (I'll charge whatever fee is set by your PCC + any travel expenses)



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